Set it up then just pay for what you send

Our pricing structure couldn't be simpler, there are no monthly, annual or hidden fees, just the initial setup cost and then you simply pay for the emails that you send!

image Account Set Up

We set up your account and give you some initial training via email/phone to make sure you are comfortable with the system. We import your email databases and give advice on your future campaigns.

Oh and this is a once only cost.

image Campaign Sending Costs.

For each campaign you send with more than 5 recipients, you pay a flat delivery fee of £10 plus 2p per recipient. Any campaigns you send to 5 or less people are free of charge.

So let's say you're sending an email campaign to a database of 1,000 subscribers. To send this campaign, you will be charged £10 delivery fee plus 2p for each recipient, making a total of £30 for the campaign. Simple isn't it?

image Bespoke Email Template Design

Need a custom designed email template ready to work on HypeMail. Our world-class designers will create a branded email that will fit in with the rest of your marketing channels.

image Campaign Management

Too busy to manage your email campaigns? Not to worry as we can plan, write, design and deliver your campaigns on your behalf. We know all the do's and don's to ensure your campaigns get the most traction. Contact us on +44 (0)1582 663925 for more information.

Try Our Demo

Interested in giving HypeMail a go? Please contact us using the info below and we'll get back to you with details of our demo account and a quick run down.

tel:+44 (0)1582 663925

address:Maypole Yard
16 West Street
Dunstable, Bedfordshire